Wave of Social Media Overwhelms Digital Marketing in 2018!

For the last decade we all have been seeing how social media giants like Facebook and Twitter have become the new marketing obsession for digital marketeers. Social Media platforms are the rulers of the digital marketing kingdom now! And the power of the social media giants keeps growing with each passing year. How?

Let’s find out!

What does 2018 hold for digital marketeers?

  1. Increased Video Watching – We see every social media platform bursting with abundant video content. They go viral almost instantly! Video marketing becomes the easiest way of conveying (what?) as your clients relate more to the visual medium. Get your brand products and services campaigned more through this media on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, etc.
  2. Ephemeral Content – 2018 will be a challenge to every brand as every social networking site is stressing more on relatable quality content for brand promotion. Snapchat stories, Instagram stories and even Facebook stories need to carry relevant content for your brand. Here you can either gain or lose the game with your innovative story designs.
  3. Slowing down of Influencer Marketing – Compared to 2017’s high powered influencer digital marketing trend, 2018 will cut down such manipulative methods. Quality overcomes the feud with quantity, and brands will generate more organic content to get an intense market reach online.
  4. Native Ads to become Dominant – This year you really need to make an extra effort for your lead generating strategy so that it creates the same ad in different regional languages. Report says that by the year 2020, vernacular ads will surpass English advertisements. Moreover, native ads prove to be cost effective driving more Social Networking engagement.
  5. Content Marketing 2018 becomes the year of interactive content playing a major role in every customer’s journey. Communicative media and video graphics will trigger difference in marketing strategies owing to their improvisations and innovations.
  6. Lead Scoring Prediction will soar Behaviour based online marketing tools along with lead generation will be used for improved lead scoring. Brands will absorb their respective customer behaviour for their services and products on social medias to ensure better market functioning.

What else to expect? Extra notes to watch out in 2018!

Now that we have discussed the overwhelming attribute of social media, a little bit of extra information won’t do you any harm!

Facebook will become a new marketing weapon for any business online and LinkedIn will give prominence to leadership tendencies. The Facebook messenger is rapidly gaining more opening rate as local brands and stores adapt Facebook marketing. LinkedIn becomes an ideal platform for B2B businesses. Their lead generation ad campaigns will be the hub for brands to hang on to!

So gear up for a roller-coaster ride as you put forward your best foot forward in the dynamic digital maze!